Hail Caesar!

Today is the ides of March. Can Trump last three years? Will Jared bring him down…or James Mason?



Terry Allyn Travers Most of pre-1920 immigration was illegal by today’s terms. My Canadian ancestors walked, rode in a cart or crossed the border on horseback without asking permission and showed up 20 years later to ask for citizenship. My Swedish grandmother didn’t fill out an application and get vetted before getting on a ship and arriving at Castle Garden saying, “Here I am!” She passed the physical, and headed for the destination on her entry papers. She was free to disappear to Minnesota if she wanted to, because no one was going to track her down. In essence, anyone who wanted to and could afford the fare came in through our wide open door. And anyone who thinks Mexicans weren’t dancing the cucaracha back and forth across a “manifest destiny” border in the southwest is disingenuous. Today’s problems begin with the resumption of all immigration after the 20 year hiatus after WWII.

Der Prediger spricht

“The stubborn are not worth an argument for the number of fools is infinite.” ~ Ecclesiastes 1:15


The Dotus

I may not be a genius, boys and girls,

but I sure know a whoremaster when I see one.



Here it is, another Saturday night and I’m looking at TQ WORD and wondering when I’m going to give it its proper place in the Blog Architecture that I’ve been building for over ten years now?

I think I’m going to restructure TQ NEWS so that the links to the Tumblr accounts and this account are closer to the top of the page and might possibly gather more attention from the, apparently, rare individuals who we engage that are playing these games on their pc and not on some mobile device with limited capacity to enjoy blogs fully.

Then, and I keep saying this, but it’s true, I’ve got to discipline myself into planning all activity out on paper, hard copy, as they say, before I launch into a day at the keyboard.

I’m relying on you WordPress friends/followers to keep me honest. If I’m not back here before next Saturday, I want you to rattle my cage, send me a message, call me out.

So until next I log in here, fight the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith. And if I’m just incorrigible and don’t come back this month, have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year,  Swell solstice, Fantastic Festivus, Edgy Epiphany and an auspicious start to the rest of your life.





Looks like Ma Kettle. (Marjorie Main)


This vintage real photo postcard features  a portrait of English stage actress Evelyn Millard (1869-1941). She was well known for her acting in Shakespearian theater as well as for her beauty. She is also noted for creating the role of Cecily Cardewin in the premier of Oscar Wildes play “The Importance of Being Earnest” (1895). This postcard was produced by the Rotary Photo Company of London, England.

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