HQ of TQ is the blogger account that we started several years ago and continue to this day. Because I was confused about building a blog at first, I opened extra google accounts so I could add more pages. There were other reasons, too, but that was the primary one. After blogging for a couple years, I joined twitter and facebook, also in multiple accounts, and often that was when I’d be stymied trying to get something accomplished and opening another site seemed easier than struggling.

I have yet to assign a raison d’etre for this WordPress account, but I do like a lot of the other accounts I’ve looked at here. I don’t participate as much as I used to, but I’d love to have a definite plan to make use of all the wonderful world of the internet in perhaps a two week cycle, so I don’t spend months away from sites I’ve joined.

It’s been great fun for me for ten years now and I look forward to participating into my 80’s if I can make it last that long…or longer.

This is Friday night, so let’s make a date for next Friday night and maybe then I can present a more informative view of my trail of breadcrumbs. Try and @tqnews on twitter.


Terry Allyn Travers




The Full Treatment

Algebrista y Sangrador

Barbering, bonesetting, bloodletting, it’s all
In the equation, the unknown revealed, the patient
Healed, as proclaimed by the helical red-and-white pole,
Sign of a site of bandages and blood,
Where stubble’s harvested, the left sideburn
Leveled with the right, a bubo lanced,
A famine lamented, the whispers of new belief
Drowned out by the slap of the blade on a leather strop,
As the neck’s interrogated in a close
Shave, accenting the trim and pointy beard,
Blood’s drawn in quantity from the crook of the arm,
Hair cut short and bobbed for a market economy,
Molar extracted, hernia repaired,
No amputation necessary, as yet,
Bone broken by heresy reset, to knit
Almost smooth and intact, and God is groomed
Cured, powdered, sprinkled with eau de cologne, back-slapped
And sent out to succeed in a new era.


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WORD UP! (as they say)

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I’ve yet to decide on a format for Word although I may continue to use it as a place to leave explanatory footnotes for my friends, followers and what have you that I’ve connected with across the Internet. Thanks to Gargoyles and Grotesques for following here.  I wish I could find my prints of cemetery shots I took over the years, but things get lost over many  years of moving here and there, you know.  If you favor twitter and Facebook, look for me as Terry Travers (with black TQ avatar) and @tqnews on the bird app.



It’s a sad Labor Day when each and every week the number of union workers decreases in comparison with the people who are unorganized and earning minimum wage or not much better.  When will revolutionary outrage over the distance between assets of the 1% and the 99% percent be reached?  Something in the American spirit resists socialist ideas and I’ll be darned if I know what it is. I guess it’s the “I’ll get mine, and then we’ll discuss the rest,” in our DNA.